A few minutes now can save valuable minutes later

Emergencies can happen anytime — anywhere! Be prepared by making your emergency contact details and medical information easily and quickly available to first responders. Activate your ICEid Tag now so it can speak for you when you’re not able to!

Make your emergency contact and medical details instantly available

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Step One – Create a User Account

You'll need an account before you can enter your Emergency Contact Record details. It only takes a couple of minutes. Just click on the 'Create Your Account' button.


Step Two – Create Your Emergency Contact Record

This record determines what is shown when emergency responders scan your tag in the unfortunate event of you being incapacitated due to an accident or illness. You can include who to call, medical conditions, medication you're taking — you choose what to and what not to include. And you can be certain we will NEVER make this information available to anyone except via your Emergency Contact Display.


Step Three - Activate Your Tag

The simplest step of all — just type in the unique code at that bottom of you tag.

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How It Works

Each tag contains a unique QR code and matching alphanumeric code. If the worst happens and you are involved in an accident and are incapacitated, first responders, who are trained to look for In Case of Emergency tags, can scan your the QR code on your tag using their smartphone and your Emergency Contact Record is displayed giving them the information they need to make faster and better medical decisions and to promptly contact your loved ones.

If they don’t have a QR reader on their phone they can go to our web site – www.ICEid.me/QR - in a few keystrokes and enter your unique code into our system and your Emergency Contact Record is displayed.

First Responder?

The unique code on your tag is linked to your personal Emergency Contact Record when you activate the tag. Only the information you choose to include is displayed.

Want to see what an Emergency Contact Record looks like?

Just scan the QR code above or check out our Sample Emergency Contact Record.

So What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that when read with a QR code reader application (available on most smartphones) will automatically launch the phone's browser application and open a web page. In this case, your personal Emergency Contact Record.

What more information - check out our How It Works page.