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About Us is a service of ICEid Solutions Limited - part of the Wearable Technologies Limited family of companies. ICEid Solutions is dedicated to personalizing the wearable products developed elsewhere in the group.

Within our business, we are a bunch of dedicated outdoors men and women who hike, bike ski, ski tour and sail. Each of us expressed the concern as to what would happen if we were incapacitated during such an activity - and out of this the idea for was born. A simple solution, with tags and stickers on all our kit - easily accessible by members of our party, or if alone, by other first responders. No more writing emergency contact details on scraps of paper.

In the case of an emergency minutes could matter. Take a few now to save a few later.

Wearable Technologies is a UK-based company focused on delivering products and services that combine technology and fashion to enhance our lives. Our Visijax consumer brand has a range of cycle clothing with built-in LEDs and indicators to enhance visibility.

Want to see what an Emergency Contact Record looks like?

Just scan the QR code above or check out our Sample Emergency Contact Record.

So what is a QR Code?

A QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that when read with a QR code reader application (available on most smartphones) will automatically launch the phone's browser application and open a web page. In this case, your personal Emergency Contact Record. What more information - check out our How It Works page.